Felted Fun Purse

Materials: 1 skein Noro Kureyon, 1 skein eyelash yarn (berocco Zap, Sandes "funny"), DP needles size 6, Straight Needles size 7 or 8

With Kureyon and DP needles cast on 40 stitches
Knit a stockinette stitch tube 8" or so long
Knit4, K2 together around
Knit a Row
K3 K2 together around
Knit a row
K2 K2 together around
Knit a row
K1 K2 together around
Knit a row
K2 together around, break off yarn, pull thru all stitches.

using crochet hook pull up 3 stitches thru top edge, use these to start an I cord of desired length (I found the I cord got longer as it felted). (I cord, knit across, push yarn from left to right on DP needle, knit across, continue to desired length)

Bind off I cord and sew to purse across from start for the handle. Work in all ends

Felt it: I felted mine in the washing machine with hot water, and 2 bath towels for friction - it took 2 wash cycles to felt

Shape and let dry:

Using one strand of the Kureyon and one strand of eyelash yarn pick up 20 stitches at top edge from handle to handle.

Knit 2 rows

Then work in reverse stockinette stitch with 2 garter stitch stitches at each edge

k 2, p 16, K2 right side
K 20 wrong side
Until 5 inches or desired length

Decrease as follows
Wrong Side: K2, K2tog, K12, K2tog, K2 (18 st)
Right Side K2, p14, k2
K2, K2tog, K10,K2tog, K2(16 sts)
K2 p12, k2
K2,K2tog, K8,K2tog, K2(14 sts)
k2,k2tog, k6,k2tog,k2 (12 sts)
knit 2 rows

Make button hole:
Knit 4, bind off 2, knit 4
knit 4, cast on 2, knit 4
knit 1 row

bind off, work in ends

Place button where buttonhole lines up and sew on.

©2002, Barb Burri - You may share this with friends and the pattern may be used for gifts or charity knitting but it may not be sold by anyone but the designer.